What Are the Best Shade Trees for Western Washington Summers?

Landscaping in Tacoma: What Are the Best Shade Trees for the Summer?

Cool off in the summer with the best shade trees that soil can grow! Learn about the top options in this guide on landscaping in Tacoma.

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During Tacoma’s warm summer months, nothing is more welcoming than a refreshing oasis in your backyard. But there is one crucial step you’ll need to take before you can lounge in the shade: invest in the perfect shade trees.

Here, we’ll explore how landscaping in Tacoma’s climate and soil make it a potential haven for an array of shade trees. Read on as we reveal the best way to landscape your garden and transform it into a cool retreat on a sweltering summer’s day.

Tacoma’s Weather and Soil

Tacoma has a temperate marine climate influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Winters are mild and wet, with plenty of rainfall. The summers are warm and dry, with low humidity.

The soil in this region is fertile. It is rich in organic matter and nutrients. That makes it ideal for many varieties of shade trees. The combination of climate and soil conditions makes it perfect for year-round gardening and creating summer shade.

Why Shade Trees Matter in Summer

Shade trees are a must for regions with warm, dry summers like Tacoma.

They provide several benefits. First, their large leafy canopies provide much-needed shade.

Those leaves create a cooler microclimate that can lower surrounding temperatures. It makes your outdoor space more comfortable. And when placed near windows, it helps you reduce indoor cooling costs.

That also improves air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide. Finally, they look beautiful and can enhance your home’s look and property value.

The Best Trees for Shade in Tacoma’s Summer

Selecting the right shade trees can make all the difference. Here are our top picks, perfect for Tacoma’s climate and soil.

Red Maple

Also known as Acer Rubrum, these are one of the best fast-growing shade trees. They offer a broad canopy and stunning fall colors.

Douglas Fir

This tree is a native variety with a large spread. It’s the ideal option if you need year-round shade.

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is an adaptable tree and grows quickly. It offers excellent shade and pretty fall colors.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is another native variety. It’s a hardy tree and will provide you with dense shade.

Tulip Tree

The Tulip tree offers impressive height. The name comes from the tulip flower, as the unique leaves on this tree mimic the petals of a tulip.

Easy Care Tips for Your Shade Trees

To keep your shade trees looking luscious, you’ll need to care for them. But with a few simple steps, it isn’t difficult.

First, give the trees plenty of water after you plant them. Note the weather forecast and ensure they get extra during a dry spell. Once the trees are mature, water less frequently, but make sure you water deeply to soak into the roots.

Second, mulch around the tree base. It will help the trees hold moisture and regulate the soil temperature.

Services for Landscaping in Tacoma

The right tree can have a transformative effect on any garden. Use this guide to start planning your perfect landscaping in Tacoma.

Reach out to our team for professional support. We can help you turn your dream oasis into a reality. Contact us here for more information.  

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