How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn In The PNW?

Landscaping in Lakewood, WA: How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

If you need landscaping in Lakewood, WA, you might be wondering, “how often should I aerate my lawn?” Find out by clicking here.

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You don’t need to follow the yellow brick road to find the emerald city. You can create your green paradise right in your backyard with a lush lawn.

But have you ever wondered how some neighbors get their lawns looking so fresh and beautiful? Is the grass greener on their side of the road?

The answer is that they probably aerate their lawn to get that premium lawn finish. Before you begin landscaping in Lakewood, WA, here is what you need to know about how to aerate your lawn.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a crucial landscaping step to help improve the health of your lawn. It involves perforating small holes in the soil. Doing that allows water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the grassroots.

That helps the roots grow deeper, and you’ll have a stronger, greener, and more vibrant lawn.

Lawn aeration became popular as we moved our homes to the suburbs. This way of life saw homeowners taking pride in their landscape and paying attention to their lawns.

However, the soil under the grass is often compact, which hinders grass growth in many homes. Aeration was a way around this problem, giving a helping hand to grass growth and helping keep our home lawns in perfect condition.

Lakewood’s Climate and Soil

Lakewood boasts a marine west coast climate. It has cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The region also has clay-based, compact soil. These two factors together can pose a challenge for lawns in this region.

Without aeration, getting the water and nutrients needed for healthy grass can be difficult. And you could end up with a dry, straw-like lawn.

How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

In Lakewood, it’s best to aerate your lawn in early spring or fall. Ideally, you should do it during both these seasons, as it’s when the grass is growing at its fastest. The aeration will help the roots take in more water. You’ll keep your Lakewood home looking green and beautiful.

Landscaping in Lakewood, WA: Why It’s Best to Hire a Professional

Before you aerate your lawn, you must invest in some equipment. The most important tool is an aerator. You can rent or buy these. The process of aerating a lawn is similar to mowing.

You’ll need to water your lawn the day before you aerate it to help soften the soil. Remember to remove the soil plugs left by the aerator.

However, if you seek a first-class lawn finish, getting an expert to aerate the lawn is always best.

They will already have the tools necessary, so consider that when comparing the overall aeration cost. And they have the experience to ensure the job is done correctly, ensuring you get an even finish. They’ll also be able to advise on the best time and conditions for aerating.

Getting the Perfect Lawn

A green and well-cared-for lawn is the perfect welcome home doormat. But before you start landscaping in Lakewood, WA, consider using techniques like lawn aeration to ensure it stays beautiful all year round.

Contact our professional team today for a quote for all your landscaping needs and lawn aeration services. We’re here to help you create that beautiful oasis in your front and backyard.

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