True Design Landscape Services

Experts in Landscape Lighting & Custom Water Features Pavers, Flagstone, Retaining Walls, Water Features & More!

We provide all types of landscaping services to meet any residential or commercial need. Whether it’s a small plot you want to fill with flowers or the lawn of an office building that needs upkeep, we’re here to help.

Tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.


Landscape Design

First we will consider the preferred uses for your landscape. Whether its entertaining for large gatherings to family time spent around an outdoor fire pit, we will build a functional landscape tailored to your specific needs.


Paver and Natural Stone Pathways

Real stone is renowned for durability and longevity as well as its aesthetic appeal. Real stone is also easy to maintain compared to other materials used for paths and walkways, such as gravel. When properly installed and maintained, a real stone path or walkway can last indefinitely. Make sure you choose a landscape contractor that is well schooled in both install and design of real stone pathways and patios. True Design Landscape is highly skilled in both design and installation of real stone.


Custom Water Features

Benefits of water features include providing tranquility 24/7 and creating natural, aural, and visual appeal for zen gardens and medatative spaces. However, what many people also don't realize is that they're also surprisingly easy to maintain. Let us design and create the perfect water feature for your yard or outdoor living space. Correctly built water features are low maintenance and surprisingly cost-effective, which makes them a great investment because they can increase the value of your home. Those who have water features installed in their yards and gardens know that it amounts to more than just a feature – it's a lifestyle change.


Outdoor Lighting

Day or night, outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy the beauty of your landscape 24/7.

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Fencing Installation

Whether it's a six-foot privacy fence or a small decorative garden gate, fencing can be a quick and attractive way to create and divide spaces.


Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Properly watering your yard is vital to its health and beauty. A sprinkler system ensures that your lawn and garden are watered consistently.


Sod and Turf Installation

Sod installation is the quickest way to achieve a healthy, lush lawn. We can install a new lawn for homes and businesses with no existing grass, or we can remove a lawn and install turf so you don’t have to wait months to enjoy your yard.

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Factors like light exposure, soil type, and frequency of watering can make planting tricky. We use our knowledge and experience to correctly place plants where they will thrive and provide years of beauty and enjoyment.


Landscape Maintenance

From weekly mowing (with 12 month contract) to seasonal planting and pruning, we’ll keep your lawn and garden beautiful.